Children’s Interventions & Behavioral Solutions

Getting to Know Lisa

Lisa has made it her life’s work to help kids overcome behavioral problems, leading to a happier, more peaceful family life. As a child specialist, she has worked with kids who struggle with a range of challenges. She has assisted kids who have difficulty communicating, playing appropriately, transitioning from one activity to the next, following directions, making eye contact or interacting with others. Through private, comprehensive, science- based interventions, Lisa can radically and positively change your child’s development.

For more than 20 years, Lisa has worked for NYS Early Intervention Program as a Special Instructor, ABA Therapist and Family Trainer. She has also served as a specialist for children 3-5 years through the Children Of Pre-School Special Education Program.

Lisa teaches parents how to establish permanent changes in the home to significantly improve happiness and restore peace within a family. Through her work as a family trainer, she developed a following among frustrated moms in Westchester and NYC, who experience ongoing exhaustion and burnout, trying to modify their kids’ behavioral issues. Leading with gentleness and compassion, she helps parents quickly shift the dynamics, resulting in better behaved kids, who, as a result, are happier and more confident.


To give your child the greatest opportunity for a better tomorrow through kind, compassionate, effective intervention within a collaborative framework.

Lisa offers one-to-one personal attention in your home, working with each child and all family members to provide the most comprehensive, individualized and goal driven program.

Lisa’s compassion, dedication, expertise and love for what she does, sets your child up for success.

Family Intervention Solutions

After an initial assessment and with parental input, Lisa builds a customized plan for each child. Your concerns and unique understanding of your own child are essential when it comes to creating behavioral solutions. Parents, caregivers and siblings are necessary components in a child’s early intervention experience. For children of divorced or separated parents, she works with all parties, mediating and ensuring that everyone is on the same page and aligned in the family’s goals.

Corrective Shadowing

Corrective shadowing allows Lisa to shadow your child and provide immediate, real-time intervention – addressing struggles with self-help skills, language, behavior  and social skills.  Parents choose this type of service to help their children develop higher level skills around the home, in school or community.

Community Support

Expert support helping children feel more at ease and behave more appropriately at events such a parties, parks and with peers.

Social Skills

Strengthening social skills and optimizing social experiences with others by providing direct support, teaching and reinforcing appropriate behavior.

Lisa’s Services

Lisa provides private, specialized early intervention services to address children with developmental delays and a full range of behavioral problems. Through therapeutic play sessions either in person or via zoom, she addresses children’s cognition, play skills, language development, attention, adaptive and social skills.

For children who are specifically experiencing behavioral problems, Lisa creates sustainable plans for children and their families which allow for happier, better behaved children – with greater self-esteem.

Lisa’s Approach

Lisa initiates interventions that are specifically tailored to the exact needs of your child and provide unparalleled support, education, compassion, and expertise. Your child’s success in life is her number one priority!

What Happy Parents Say

Elizabeth G.

Lisa began working with my grandson when he was 20 months old due to a lack of communication skills and behavioral issues. There was a remarkable change in behavior and language as LIsa worked with him and our entire family. We decided that our granddaughter should work with Lisa due to her very demanding behaviors. There was a remarkable difference quickly and even years later, we still see that difference . Lisa has a genuine interest in children and I highly recommend her to make your family life better, for now and the future.

Elizabeth G.

Dee S.

We started working with Lisa when my son was two years old, and have been extremely pleased with his progress. She always has fun activities to keep his attention. Our son’s speech and thinking have improved significantly because of Lisa, which has boosted his self-confidence. Thank you, Lisa, for your hard work and dedication to my son’s success.

Dee S.

Dana I.

“I reached out to Lisa after months and months of trying to improve my 4-year-old’s behavior without any success. My child’s frequent outbursts and refusal to follow directions was wreaking havoc on our whole family, and I was desperate for help. Lisa offers an invaluable and innovative method of reshaping a child’s behavior. She taught me that every day doesn’t have to be a battle over behavior, and that it can get better! Lisa has been a gift to our family, and I only hope more families can benefit from what she has to offer.”

Dana I.

Angela G.

Ms. Wallos is amazing with our 3-year-old son. She has been a spark of light and a beacon of hope for my family. Ms. Wallos sat with us through multiple hour-long sessions of my son just crying and completely disengaged. This was heartbreaking for me as a mother, but she would encourage and reassure progress would come. Now, each teacher has repeatedly pointed out how great he’s doing and has also acknowledged how well he has responded to his special instruction classes.

Angela G.

Robyn G.

We were at our wits end with our almost 7 year old daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD. She couldn’t concentrate, pay attention or sit still. Always interrupting us and had absolute no control. Her behavior was affecting our marriage. When Ms. Wallos started meeting my daughter and family, we saw a very big change in our daughter. She gave us tools on how to set rules and boundaries. We couldn’t be happier that we found someone who can guide us to help our daughter be the very best version of herself.

Robyn G.